Azerbaijan's ancient city. Shaki is situated in the north-west of Azerbaijan, on the left bank of the river Kish, in the 700 metres height from sea level, 370 km away from the capital city Baku, on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, far from the central regions - in an isolated place. The nature surrounding the city, forest-covered mountains is fascinating people with its beauty. Coming accross to the city with the precipitous ways of Khan pasture, we will see two enormous abysses - Chaqqaldar and Ottal, which caused the formation of two ravines. Shaki has a strange structure. Qurcanacay - river flowing into the city from east to west, divides the city into two parts; northern part situating in the valley and southern part situating much higher. 62499 people have been registered according to information of 2007 in Shaki and that is 37.33% of the total regional population. 48.3% of them are men and 51.7% are women.

Sheki is one of the historical cities, have managed to preserve many historical monuments. Focusing on trade and mastery, Shaki city is also one of the important cultural centers. The writings about the existence of Sheki city until 1772, and demolition of it as a result of the flooding is nothing more than nonsense. Because in "Kavkaz" newspaper, where this information was published, Shaki was stated as Nukha.
Shaki was situated in 10-15 km south of its resentday territory, between the towns Goybulaq Jafarabad (until the beginning of the 20th century the Sultan of Shaki Hassan's mausoleum was here). in Fourties of the 18th century, the population of the city of Sheki city moved to the village of Nuha because of the attacks of Nadir Shah. (Sources state that Shaki was burned by Nadir Shah). Since then Sheki was called Nukha unofficially and only after 1968 Nukha city was oficially called Shaki. The city was the center of Sheki khanate, and played an important role in the development of the culture.
Dəyirmanarxı Qurcanacay rivers not only provided Shaki city with water but also were used for irrigation. Later a new center was established with a large ground in the junction of the rivers. Qurcanacay factor is one of the most important reasons for establishing Shaki city in this territory. Other river Deyirmanarxi was the second leading means of the city.

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